Mazda EV Sedan.

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Mazda just released a teaser for an all-new sedan model.

As we mentioned previously, the new sedan looks like it will be based on the Chinese market Changan SL03 sedan. made by Mazda’s Chinese partner Changan.

The Mazda is expected to have an all-lew redesigned front and rear ends. With a profile very similar to the Changan sedan.

At almost 190 inches long, the Changan SL03 is not a small car. It is just about 1.5 inches shorter than the last generation Mazda 6 sedan.

And speaking of the Mazda 6, Mazda recently trademarked “6e“. This gives some people hope an all-new generation Mazda 6 sedan could be around the corner. I actually think “6e” will be the new Chinese EV sedan’s name. A Mazda 6e based on the Changan SL03 electric sedan.

The Changan SL03 is powered by a 258HP electric motor. It is a RWD sedan with a range of 319 miles when tested in the local Chinese system. Which would probably translate into around 260 miles. Which isn‘t that bad but nothing amazing.

There is no such thing as a free lunch, and there will not be a new Mazda 6. What will probably end up being the Mazda 6e will just be a rebadged Chinese sedan for its local market.

Nothing based on Mazda’s own RWD/AWD platform with their new inline 6-cylinder engine.

At least not yet…

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  1. Is this coming to the US? I would definitely consider this, assuming it doesn’t have sh*t range like the MX30 or whatever that thing was called.

  2. While I wish Mazda would have put more effort into the new Mazda 6, I am excited to see another 6 at all, when it was unsure if we ever would again. The profile of the “E6,” reminds me alot of the VW ID7. Those rumors of it returning on a rwd platform with the I-6T were just too good to be true I guess.

  3. Its a rough time to be trying to sell an electric sedan into North America (if it even comes here). Europe and Japan…maybe. I guess we’ll be 6-less.

  4. It always amazes me how Americans will denounce Communism but then would line up to buy something made in a Communist country by slave labor

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