Next-generation Toyota 4 Runner

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Toyota just released a new teaser for the next-generation 4Runner SUV.

As you can see, it will still have the roll-down power window incorporated in the rear hatch. Which is a good thing. And something 4 Runner owners have come to expect.

However, you can also see how busy the design of the new 4 Runner is. Especially when compared to the new 2024 Land Cruiser. (bottom pic). Everything already seems overdone. Compare the spoiler on top of the hatch. And how much cleaner the one on the Land Cruiser is. The black trim around the rear window is also really thick and tacky on the 4 Runner.

And inside, that huge tablet sticking up seems pretty terrible. Again, the screen in the Land Cruiser is much better integrated. This looks like a stand-alone unit, not connected to the one in front of the driver (or is it the only screen in there?).

While I think Toyota did a great job with the new Land Cruiser and Lexus GX, I’m afraid another design team was in charge of the new 4 Runner. We won’t have long to wait since the whole thing will be introduced on April 9th, and we will probably see an additional teaser of two before…

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  1. The rear spoiler is thick, just like the last generation. I’m sure Toyota is not going to stray too far from the original and risk losing diehard customers.

  2. The current 4Runner has the thick black trim around the rear window as well. It allows for the ability to electrically roll it down.

  3. The black trim around the rear window is because of the roll-down feature. The thicker spoiler is because the rear wiper hardware is tucked under it.

    We’ve seen the dash before. It’s also in the Tacoma. You didn’t like it there, so surprise — you’re probably not going to like it now.

  4. Instantly increases the value of used 4Runners. Dont know what I was expecting but that ain’t it. I was holding out purchasing this for the Hybrid option for my third 4Runner but I just can’t do that thing. I’m be looking elsewhere

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