2025 Toyota 4 Runner.

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Official Toyota 4 Runner teaser.
Toyota 4 Runner illustration.

While we might or might not see a new Toyota RAV-4 later this year, we will see an all-new Toyota 4-Runner in a few weeks.

The new teaser doesn’t show much, except for a very angular and blocky design. Which could send up looking great, like in the new Toyota Land Cruiser. Or just bad and already old. That silver color on the lower bumper seems to predict a 2-tone version. And that could just look bad…

The current and 5th generation 4 Runner came out in 2009. Yes, that’s 15 years ago. And it is still pretty popular with over 109 000 units sold last year. It’s not cheap, starting at over $ 40,000, and is apparently pretty hard to get. And used ones are also expensive.

The new 2025 model will abandon its V6 for the same 4cylinder lineup offered in the 2024 Toyota Tacoma pickup.

We should see more teasers and learn a bit more about the 2025 Toyota 4 Runner very soon.

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