2025 Toyota RAV-4.

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Today we have a new 2025 Toyota RAV-4 illustration. (I also added some others previously posted.)

The image on top shows an all-new design for the 2025 RAV-4, which is expected. However, it seems anything is possible since the 2025 Camry is just a refresh of the 2017 version. We’ve mentioned this before, and we still have no idea if the next

will be an all-new design or not.

If it is, let’s hope they use the design teams responsible for the 2023 Prius and the Crown Signia. These 2 are very good-looking cars and some of the best designs Toyota has come up with in many years. Let’s also hope those involved in the 2025 Camry refresh have been let go since and were not involved with the new RAV-4.

While we were seeing a few spy shots of the 2025 Camry months before it came out, we haven’t seen anything about the next RAV-4 yet. This is a bit strange, although we had only seen spy shots of the 2023 Prius 2 weeks before it was revealed officially.

About a year ago, there was a report ( I think from an interview with a Toyota exec) about both the Camry and RAV-4 being new for the 2025 model year. The Camry was introduced last November and that would mean we could see a new RAV-4 this summer or fall. Otherwise, it would end up being a 2026 model.

The RAV-4 is a hugely popular model for Toyota around the world. In the US, it is the best-selling non-pickup vehicle in the country. With over 434,000 units sold last year alone. Let’s hope there is an all-new design on its way. It will probably also become a hybrid-only model like the e2025 Camry. With a PHEV option.

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  1. *a PHEV and hybrid that you can’t even get. I wonder if the RAV4 update has been pushed back. Regardless, dont expect anything but a reskinning and modification of the existing platform, just like the Camry.

  2. My guess would be that it looks more like the bZ4X. Nothing revolutionary.

    Inside will be the 12” screen on upper trims. Hopefully we don’t see cost cutting like the ‘25 Camry, but something’s got to give to go all hybrid.

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