2025 Toyota RAV-4.

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It’s that time to play “Guess the 2025 RAV-4” again.

It seems the 2025 Toyota RAV-4 is a very popular subject online and with many illustrators. It goes from lazy and quick computer-generated renderings to horrible and unrealistic illustrations that have no base in reality whatsoever.

It also still looks like there are 3 main ideas of what the next-generation Toyota RAV-4 could look like. A facelift of the current model with a new interior, like the 2025 Camry. A totally new more modern take on the current design. Or a retro and angular design that would basically look like a smaller 2024 Toyota Land Cruiser.

Unfortunately, I think the first idea of a facelift is still a possibility, even though it would be a big mistake. Since the RAV-4, with over 434,000 of them sold last year, is the most popular vehicle in the US, except for the “untouchable” full-size pickup trucks. This alone deserves a full redesign for 2025. Although Toyota might think they have so many potential repeat buyers a new front end and interior could be enough.

The small Land Cruiser idea is also a cool one, of course. Although I think that’s what Toyota should do with the next 4 Runner, not the RAV-4. Besides the obvious Land Cruiser copies and versions of the current RAV-4 with a new grille, I don’t see anything interesting or realistic in any of the illustrations above. (The #4 looking like a Toyota Crown is so bad it’s actually funny…)

The current RAV-4 was a big design departure from the previous generation, and I’m not sure Totota is ready to do the same with the next one.

What do you think? And which one of these is your favorite?

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  1. I predict Toyota will largely stay the course with the refresh. I’d be saying something entirely different if it were a redesign. I think Toyota is feeling some financial pain from their EV R&D that they’ll pull a Camry and lightly update it. Next generation will be the time to go balls out, and I think that’s what they’re placing their bets.

  2. 2 3 and 6 looks the same so yes….. Damn they need to make it look sporty they will get a real edge on the market if they did…..

  3. Maybe 3 & 7… heck my 2015 is paid for, still doing really well with a little over 100,000 miles on it. It is getting to that fossil stage for the rav4. Lol.. I think I’ll just stay with it.

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