Next-generation Toyota Corolla.

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The current generation Toyota Corolla came out 6 years ago. And you guessed it, it’s almost time for an all-new one.

Although that’s what we thought about the Camry that came out back in 2017, and all we got was a mid-cycle refresh.

The current Corolla still sold over 232,000 units in the US last year. Which is pretty phenomenal in our current “world of SUVs”.

Toyota knows how to keep a secret if they want to, and we have not seen any prototypes or gotten any cues about the next generation which we could see as early as next year.

The illustrations above show different ideas of what a new Toyota Corolla could look like.

  • The first one takes a few design cues from the bZ4X EV. Which could actually happen.
  • The second illustration shows a very sleek and clean design. Again something that could happen.
  • The 3rd and 4th ones look like no humans were involved in the “design”.
  • The last one seems to lie in a mash-up of the current Corolla hatchback and a Toyota Crown front end.

And who knows, Toyota could also pull a “2025 Camry” onus and just redesign the front end and rear lights. Add a new interior and make the Hybrid option standard in the US. Why not…

Is any of the illustrations above good enough to be the next-generation Corolla?

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  1. per the Toyota playbook, it will be a lightly warmed over version of the current offering with whatever Toyota thinks their current hammerhead look. The current Corolla is dull as dirt and I’m not enamored with the Crowns or Camry so my expectations aren’t exactly high.

  2. I really like #1 & #4. Nothing too swoopy-crazy, something that offers decent and spacious rear seat head and legroom. I’d like to see an upgrade in interior materials, a more interesting redesign.
    But i would hate to see the interior resemble the bland grey blob of the latest toyota Prius or some huge wrap around lap top tablet .
    Finally, i’d like the Corolla hybrid to be the more powerful Prius drivetrain and the base ICE bump up the power to 190 HP and more low end torque.
    I doubt the CVT will be ditched or a manual transmission be offered.

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