Opel Frontera.

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Opel has a new EV called the Frontera.

It seems to be heavily based on the Citroen eC3 we saw last year. owec]ver, the Opel seems to have an extra window around its rear hatch, which means it could be a bit longer than the Citroen version.

The Frontera name was used in the 1990s on an Opel version of an Isuzu SUV sold in Europe for a while. The same model was sold here as the Isuzu Rodeo and even as the first generation Honda Passport.

While Opel is supposed to be a bit more upscale than Citroen these days, that interior is pretty drab. An almost brutalist environment that could quickly induce melancholy or even depression after a while. The Citroen interior seems much more fun.

The new Frontera will be available as an EV or a Hybrid model.

In case you are not familiar with the new Citroen eC3 , here is a short video of the new small and inexpensive EV.

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  1. it’s a clone of the upcoming Citroen C3 aircross, which itself is the same as the one already on sale as of last year in Brazil and India, just with the old citroen mug and rear lights. the new c3 aircross will inherit the face of the new C3…. the opel is just a preview of the new aircross basically… and I’ve read recently that Fist will sell a new “Multipla” cloned from these 2… sad times…

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