Opel/Vauxhall Frontera.

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Stelantis is getting ready to replace the Opel Crossland X with a new model called the Frontera.

The “old” Frontera was an Opel SUV from the 1990s based on an Isuzu Rodeo back in the 1990s.

From the photo above, it looks like the new Frontera will look a lot like the recently introduced Citroen e-C3 we saw a few months ago. While most other cars based on that same platform, like the Fiat 600e, the all-new Lancia Ypsilon, or the Jeep Avenger all look quite different from each other, it seems the new Opel could just be a fancier version of the cheap Citroen e-C3. Which is really too bad. Too bad to see the Opel brand (and its British redundant twin Vauxhall) being reduced to just a new front end on existing cars. It seems Stelantis is still struggling to give Opel a personality of its own.

Something they’ve done very successfully with Fiat, Lancia and so far Dodge with the new Charger.

Just like all other models based on that common platform, the Opel Frontera will be an EV. At least at first. A PHEV could follow soon after.

So many brands…

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  1. Citroen e-C3 is not based on the same platform as other Stellantis products you mention in this post. This is a new platform meant for budget models and was introduced in Europe with e-C3. It’s not related to the one used for e208/2008, Corsa/Mokka, DS3, e-C4, Avenger, 600 etc

    It has a smaller LFP battery instead of the 54 NMC that the other models use.

  2. With sooo many different brands, they will never be able to give each their own unique identity. They really need to cut their losses and trim the number of brands offered.

  3. Shame, because the Mokka has a cool look to it.
    Maybe not the brand, but the model, basically a ‘sensible’ Mokka. This style is covered by C3Aircross.

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