2025 Buick Enclave Video.

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Please join me to watch and learn about the new Buick Enclave for 2025. After seeing this video, I still think the new Enclave doesn’t really look as good as the previous generation. As it seems more like a Toyota or VW product. Except for that new Buick mouth.

Otherwise, the interior looks really impressive. And the white Avenir model featured in this video will make you feel as pure as an angel, even if you’re not.

I am actually curious to experience it for myself. Especially the new 4-cylinder engine. Which could be quite a letdown when compared to the old super smooth V6.

I guess I’ll have to wait a bit longer to drive one…

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  1. Whoever at GM decides which models they use in press photos should be fired. This is a very handsome vehicle (for it’s market segment), but holy crap does it look generic in white. And they do stupid stuff like this all the time. The Cadillac CT5 offers that gorgeous tan/brown leather interior option, and yet most of the media coverage I see is of the boring black-on-black-on-black interior. You want to put your product in the best light when showing them off to the press and instead GM usually picks the most boring color combination possible.

  2. Vince, does the new Enclave offer Apple CarPlay or has GM already eliminated that feature in favor of its own infotainment boondoggle? The big man will just not sound right with anything but CarPlay!

  3. Vince, if you only knew how frequently the Devil’s temptation was on this menu… you’d know how much I will need that black leather burning into my backside on a hot day.

  4. Love the sarcastic video commentary, Vince! The new Enclave is the best looking of all the redesigned triplets. They need this exact styling in a smaller package; hope Buick makes an SUV to slot between the Envision and the Enclave.

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