2025 Honda Freed.

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Honda has just redesigned the small Freed SUV/Van, and to me, it looks more and more like a new Honda Element, than ever.

Especially the Crosstar trim, with its body cladding and more off-road look. As you can see, the Freed is a Hybrid, which would be another plus for a new-generation Element in the US.

Everything and everyone gets larger with time, but the new Freed is just 3 inches longer than the old Honda Element. Yet it is available as a 7-seater, with the rear seats folding flat against the sides when not in use.

The Freed is far from being a new model in Honda‘s lineup, with the first generation being introduced back in 2008. It has, so far, been based on the Honda Fit.

No specs yet, except this is a Hybrid.

I know this will probably never happen, but I really think there would be room for this over here sold as a Honda Element. A super roomy affordable cute and corky Hybrid could potentially find many buyers in North America. This would also make a fantastic affordable camping companion. It has a 1980s and 1990s feel to it in its simplicity and personality. Something many people do miss.

Speaking of the 1980s and 1990s, the new Honda Freed reminds me a lot of the old Mitsubishi Expo Sport. Also a tiny minivan-type vehicle.

One that was probably ahead of its time…

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  1. Maybe if they came up with a US specific body that looks more like the original Element.. and only if it’s based on a platform already sold in the US (just like they did with our HR-V). I’d be interested for sure if it had the Civic Hybrid power train and available 4WD.

  2. I agree that this would be a great asset for American Honda’s portfolio. I don’t think they’re interested for a three main reasons. First, it would eat some of their Odyssey sales and that vehicle needs its current standing to keep their Alabama operation at capacity. Second, is fed safety standards and ride quality. The 3rd row would have to be removed and significant bracing and bumper work would have to be added – not to mention updating the interior for American tastes. But this is also based upon the latest Honda Fit architecture – which means a trailing link suspension. This was made for Japanese roads with lower speeds. For the speeds we drive here on our highways, Honda would have to replace that suspension with the Civic/HR-V’s multi-link, to remove that floaty/uncontrolled feeling at speed. Third, in Japan, Honda is seen as a full line maker – economy, sport, luxury, and commercial vehicles. NA Honda doesn’t want the Honda name associated with commercial vehicles – they view themselves as a premium option over the Toyotas and Nissans out there… and they do charge more for their comparable sized cars because of it.

    The original Honda Element existed here because it was based upon the CR-V and could be made alongside it. This would have to be imported from Japan and would cost probably too much. Also, Honda has been intentional about paring down its ICE-based line-up in the face of full BEV production. However, this is a hybrid and I think a hybrid Element would be a great idea – if it were CRV sized. Honda knows a Fit-sized van wont sell here, and they dont seem interested in additional non BEV models. Acura’s ADX is a different story. But that will have componentry that is highly conserved from the US HR-V. So, almost no effort to change. And after the ADX launch on Integra mechanics/engine, the HR-V will introduce an available hybrid in the two upper trims. So Honda will get their smaller (wagon) hybrid afterall.

  3. The US market doesn’t want a small van. It’s been proven over and over. I’d love to see the Element come back as a boxy EV, though.

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