2026 Toyota RAV-4.

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These are some of the very worst illustrations I’ve been able to find of the next-generation Toyota RAV-4.

The new RAV-4 is still supposed to be shown at the end of the year. Toyota might choose the Los Angeles Auto Show in November to show it, just like they did with the 2025 Camry. Which means an on-sale date in about a year for a 2026 model.

None of these illustrations are realistic. But it’s actually fun to see what some people are pushing as a possible preview of the next RAV-41.

The first and second illustrations seem to be the current model with new front ends. The second one is trying unsuccessfully to blend the current RAV-4 and the new Land Cruiser. A mix that is not looking good at all.

The third one looks like a RAV-4 with a Hyundai grille. Which again, is not a successful combination. The 4th one is actually not as bad as the others. The Land Cruiser inspired seems to work better here. Maybe because we can’t really see the rest of the car with all these doors open…

The next one is actually not that bad either. Although it looks more like a modern version of the previous generation RAV-4.

That last one is the craziest, trying very hard to predict a RAV-4 pickup. Maybe it dates back to when the Hyundai Santa Cruz was introduced. Some nerdy wishful thinking about a RAV-4-based compact pickup.

No matter what the next RAV-4 looks like, let’s hope Toyota will give it a truly new generation and not a refresh like the 2025 Camry.

Maybe these aren’t the very worst after all…

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