2026 Toyota RAV4 video.

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This short film shows a few illustrations of what the next-generation Toyota RAV4 could look like.

We will probably see the new RAV4 at the end of this year, possibly at the Los Angeles Auto Show.

we still don’t know if it will be an all-new design or a refresh like the 2025 Camry. I would assume the Hybrid powertrain will be standard this time around, just like it is in the 2025 Camry.

Let’s hope Toyota spends a bit more cash on the RAV4 and does come up with a new design. it would make sense since it is its best-seller in the US…

Please let me know which of these illustrations you would pick as the new RAV4.

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  1. If I bought a new RAV4 at $50k, I would park it at the bottom of a cliff. Yes, owning a Toyota would make me go airborne, if only briefly, after contemplating my sad and mundane life with its highly overly priced car payment.

  2. I would buy a RAV4 solely based on this video. Hoping Toyota hires you for their promo videos. It would be a licence to print money.

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