2025 Toyota RAV-4.

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Why don’t we take another look at what the next-generation Toyota RAV-4 could look like?

It’s been a busy year so far for Toyota, with a new Land Cruiser, Camry, and 4Runner. And they are scheduled to add a new RAV-4 before the end of the year. Although just like the 2025 Camry last year, we could see it at the end of the year, we but not be able to get one until next year.

The first illustration is pretty lazy and just assumes the new RAV-4 will look like the new Land Cruiser. I’m not sure why Toyota would do this, but it doesn’t make much sense…

The second one just looks like it was generated in 3 seconds.

The third illustration is just plain weird. It looks like the current RAV-4 with a Toyota Crown front end. Which again, will probably never happen.

The last illustration actually looks pretty attractive. It would be a decent and more modern update on the current RAV-4.

In the end, Toyots might just “pull a 2025 Camry” on us and just change the front end of the current RAV-4. And add a revised interior with a standard hybrid powertrain. Who knows.

Despite what they claim, most of their resources are going to their new EV models coming out in the next few years. Someone has to pay for these new platforms and next-generation battery tech. Just like an all-new Camry never happened this year, we might not see a brand-new RAV-4 either…

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  1. The RAV4 is their cash cow. They aren’t going to rock the boat when they redesign it. They already have enough “trucky” crossovers and SUVs, they don’t need to turn the RAV4 butch as well.its probably going to get a very evolutionary update which appeals to the mass market.

  2. The current Rav 4 is so dated and ugly, in my opinion. It can’t compete at all with the CRV. It desperately needs a redesign. Per Toyota, I predict it won’t get redesigned until 2026 model year.

  3. Jacob, do you know the Rav4 is the number 1 selling SUV in the United States? So your opinion obviously doesn’t matter!

  4. “Jacob, do you know the Rav4 is the number 1 selling SUV in the United States? So your opinion obviously doesn’t matter!”
    Most of those sales are fleet sales, which Honda doesn’t do. Second the CRV has overall more lifetime sales. Lastly, people don’t buy for looks and age alone.

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