2026 Toyota Starlet.

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There seems to be a persistent rumor about a next-generation Toyota Starlet coming in 2026, or next year as a 2026 model.

Weird because there’s really no need for this since Toyota already sells the Yaris around the world.

I think the part of the rumor that is probably true is the name. It could just be that Toyota has decided the next generation Yaris would be called “Starlet”. With a few retro design cues to go with it.

The Yaris isn’t sold in the US anymore and a possible new Starlet will probably not make it over here anyway. Still, many overseas illustrators are trying to guess what a new small Toyota called Starlet could look like.

The first 2 illustrations look like a car from the 80’s. In a bad way. Many 1980s and 1990s Japanese designs were great with tons of personality, but this doesn’t. It just looks like a Yugo more than a Toyota. Nothing anyone would actually spend cash on in 2026. Unless it costs $5000.

The 3rd illustration does have tons of personality, but the proportions make it look like a Yogurt container. Not the best either…

The last two are just ghastly designs with zero attempt to look like a Starlet. Just some small car design with a weird mismatch of current Toyota cues.

Let’s just hope Toyota can do better than any of these…

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  1. If the Starlet does make a comeback, I’m betting on two possibilities: either it will be a slightly different format of their super-mini entrant (ie. built off the Yaris, but cheaper for lower pricepoint markets). OR, it will replace the Yaris name. Toyota does that when one nameplate builds an unattractive reputation – the same way that the Avalon name became associated as the defacto old fogey car, and was replaced in name by ‘Crown’. Either way, I dont think we’ll see anything smaller than the Corolla in the US/Canada.

  2. Vince I think you need to take another look at the 1st design it is VERY similar to the KP61 Starlet.

  3. The first design is awesome….smaller version of the smallest Rivian.

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