2026 VW Atlas.

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They say the impossible cannot be done. And yet, VW seems to have cracked that magic code and realized what we thought was impossible.

They might have just found a way to make the next-generation Atlas SUV even more boring than the current generation.

Of course, the top photo shows a VW Atlas prototype with a lot of cleverly hidden camouflage. With white, black, and even chrome tape covering many design cues, like the actual shape of the rear side window. And still, you can already tell how bland the next-generation Atlas will be.

On top of this, it will probably be nothing new as far as powertrains go. The good old 2.0 Liter Turbo will probably be carried over. Since VW has mentioned multiple times they will not bring Hybrids or PHEVs to the US. However more recently they have mentioned, “We are flexible enough to adapt to different markets”.

We also know a larger EV SUV is coming over here. And the VW ID.4 has recently seen a huge 84% increase in sales numbers in 2023.

I don’t even know why they bother redesigning the Atlas since it looks almost OK now after the 2024 facelift. And not much worse than newcomers like the Toyota Grand Highlander. Especially since this next generation looks so conservative, and, dare I say… “old” already…

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  1. Is the 2.0 liter Turbo a big too small displacement for such a large vehicle?
    Or do they just make turbo on a larger size?
    Still no hybrid?

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