2024 VW.Atlas: the video.

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The VW Atlas has never been an exciting choice. But the super boring design seems to age well. Not sure the oversized grille improves things. It just looks like a giant, drooling lower lip now.

The V6 is gone and the only engine left is the 2.0 Liter with more power. The main novelty of the new model year is the new interior. While not fantastic, it is much better than the old one.

I guess this will do for another couple of years, or three. Until a larger elecric ID model is ready for us. (They already have a big ID.6 SUV in China)

The video shows everything you’ll ever need to see.

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  1. So far most has been complaining about the interface in the ID.4 and now the Atlas is getting it with no knobs and haptic touch controls, I wonder how many more complaints VW will get on this design.

  2. does anyone know if the ventilated seats are the cushion as well as the seat back?

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