Mini Aceman Video.

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The new Aceman is Mini’s latest model. An all-new 4-door hatchback smaller than the Countryman. Although it is actually about the size of the first-generation Countryman.

The Aceman is an EV-only model. The larger battery available is good for 250 miles of range in Europe. Which would probably be closer to 200 miles EPA in the US. For the first year of production, at least, the new Aceman will be built in China.

Watch this short video and join me in discovering this all-new small electric Mini.

The video has everything for everyone: a small red car, a big white house, a blue ocean, and best of all, many of my highly unprofessional, moronic, and useless comments.

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  1. Motorfile suggests that it may come by 2026, it seems all the small EVs will come by that time including the Rivian R3, and Kia EV3 to name a few. They will have more features such as AWD which the Aceman would need to stay competitive. Otherwise, it will collect dust like the Clubman which it replaces.

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