2025 Mini Aceman.

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The all-new Mini Aceman looks a lot like a smaller version of the new Mini Countryman. And almost exactly the same as the concept we saw almost 2 years ago.

The new Aceman fits right in between the new Mini Cooper EV and the redesigned Countryman EV. And pretty much replaced the 4 door version of the Cooper. So far the Aceman is only offered as an EV.

Two versions will be offered, E and SE. 184HP with a 42.5kWh battery pack, or 218Hp with a larger 54.2kWh battery pack. With up to 252 miles of range in the European test cycle. Which could translate to something closer to 200 miles EPA.

Inside, the new Aceman looks very similar to the new Cooper and Countryman. However, I noticed a rather large bump on the floor in front of the rear seats. Something most EVs don’t have these days. It’s actually weird to see that.

The Aceman will soon start production in China, and in England starting in 2026. Europe and China are getting it very soon but not the US. I would assume that if we are getting it, we could be getting units built in England. Which would mean about 2 years away…

Although Mini has not announced plans to actually sell the Aceman in North America yet. Not bringing it over here would be a shame. Since there is plenty of room between the $31 000 Copper EV and the $46 000 Countryman EV.

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  1. Rear hatch portion including the taillights are way more cute than the Cooper!

  2. Where are the fog lights? All that blank plastic in front makes it look cheap and not premium.

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