2025/26 Kia EV4.

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This is another photo showing how close the production version of the Kia EV4 will be to the concept we saw late last year. And it is quite amazing.

The EV3 and EV4 were super modern designs that most manufacturers would have water down to the usual boring blob they produce. But Kia seems to show stunning and futuristic design and is able to turn out a production car that looks very close in about a year or so.

We don’t have a US price for the new Kia EV3 yet, but most are hoping for around $30,000. Which would be undercutting the new Volvo EX30, as it should be. The new EV4 sedan is rumored to be slightly more expensive. The EV3 will go on sale in Europe and North America early next year and Kia will probably build the North American version in its Mexican factory. Qualifying the EV3 for the federal incentives.

Production of the new Kia EV4 is scheduled to start in Korea in March 2025. By the end of 2025, Kia expects to have produced 100,000 EV3s AND 70,000 EV4s.

The new Kia EV4 could certainly start at a lower price than the Tesla Model 3, however, the Model 3 is loaded with pretty much everything. A Kia’s base price doesn’t include a high-end sound system, power, cooling, and heating seats, and a panoramic glass roof. Which are all standard in the Model 3.

Still, more competition and more EVs starting at around $30,000 before incentives will make these affordable to many.

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