2025 Bentley Continental GT Speed.

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While Bentley would like you to think they just came out with a brand new Bentley Continental GT for 2025, they didn’t. Even if they call it “the 4th generation Continental GT”.

As you can see, this “new” model is a revised version of the current Bentley Continental GT. This is fine since the Continental GT has been one of the best-looking cars around for many years, and doesn’t really need an all-new generation.

The sportier “speed” trim is now powered by a new “Ultra Performance Hybrid powertrain” which is actually closely related to the one in the Porsche Panamera Hybrid. It produces a crazy 782HP total. And gets a PHEV range of 50 miles in the European test cycle (probably closer to 40 EPA).

From the photos above you can tell the exterior differences between the current model and the revised 2025 Continental GT. Which is mainly the all-new front and rear. The 2025 model pictured above seems to have a different black finish as well. Called “Dark Chrome Specification”.

Inside, you can tell both interiors are the same except for the new available trim. I guess, this will probably be one of the last non-EV Bentley, besides an upcoming revised Flying Spur Sedan. Since Bently is still scheduling their “five in five“, a commitment to launch a new electric model each year from 2025.

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