2026 Hyundai Palisade.

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Another day, another 2026 Hyundai Palisade prototype was caught in a Korean parking structure…

I thought that by now, we would be seeing the real thing, but it seems the next-generation Hyundai Palisade is somehow not ready for primetime yet. This prototype doesn’t seem to show anything more than what we’ve already seen. The new huge rectangular grille, the big LEDs, we’ve all seen it. We’ve also seen the curiously curvy interior. Which is quite a departure from the super angular new exterior design for some odd reason. So far it seems that interior doesn’t really belong to such a blocky exterior design.

The rear lights are a bit more exposed and they do have quite a Range Rover vibe. We’ll have to wait a little longer to see if Hyundai has designed a cheaper Range Rover wannabe or something truly original. I have to say, the new 2024 Santa Fe looks better than the camouflaged prototypes suggested earlier.

Again, the new Palisade is rumored to add a new Hybrid option using a 2.5 Liter engine. Something that will probably make it even more popular than the current version.

And still no photos of a second-generation Kia Telluride

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  1. Agreed, the curvy interior design bits don’t look good. Keep it angled and blocky, Hyundai. No mixing!

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