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Range Rover velar EV illustration.
Range Rover Evoque EV illustration.

We first saw official images of the new Range Rover EV a few weeks ago. The top 2 photos show how close it will look to the regular ICE Range Rover model. It seems the only visual difference is a slightly different grille.

Apparently, over 16,000 people are already on the waiting list for the new electric version of the Range Rover, which could be a long wait for many. A slightly smaller Range Rover Sport EV is also planned. Both cars will have the same design as the regular ICE models.

However, Range Rover is also planning EV versions of the Velar and Evoque. The Velar started production in 2017 and is already 7 years old. A Velar EV would be an all-new model and not an electric version of the recurrent generation.

The current second-generation Range Rover Evoque is just a year younger than the Velar, which also means an EV Evoque will be an all-new car. The Velar EV and Evoque EV are due oiu in 2026.

Range Rover is planning to compete against luxury EVs like the upcoming electric lineup from Porsche. Which already includes the new Macan EV, but also the upcoming Cayenne EV and the new even larger EV SUV. Bentley is also working on multiple new EV models.

With already 16,000 people on the waiting list, the Range Rover EV is already quite a success. That’s almost exactly the same number of “regular’ ICE Range Rovers sold in the US last year. Quite an incredible number for a car that starts at around $ 110,000. With a premium over the ICE version, the electric Range Rover could be priced very closely to the new Cadillac Escalade IQ, starting at around $ 130,000.

An interesting battle in brewing…

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