2026 Range Rover EV.

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Range Rover EV illustration.

Range Rover is testing their first EV model ever. Which could or not replace the current Velar model.

Although the JLR company also announced the development of an all-new EV platform called the JEA, for new Jaguar models. While Range Rover models would use a new EMA platform. Making things even more confusing.

That company has been confused for a while now. A few years ago they were talking about their new MLA platform developed for their new electric Jaguar XJ sedan. That luxury sedan was abruptly canceled just weeks before its unveiling. They had even released teaser images. The platform ash since been used for the recurrent Range Rover and Range Rover Sport models, so it wasn’t a total waste…

Still, I would love to see what that new Jaguar XJ EV looked like. maybe one day someone will have photos… Somewhere…

The new EV platform called EMA was announced last year and it will also be used for a few other Land Rover/Range Rover models like Discovery Sport and Evoque replacements.

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