2027 Mitsubishi Wagon.

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Mitsubishi wagon illustration.

Mitsubishi unveiled their future plans for the US market a few days ago called “Momentum 2030” at a dealer meeting.

It includes a few new models like the all-new off-road Van I mentioned earlier. But also a brand-new AWD wagon that will compete against the Subaru Outback.

It seems no one has been able to crack the Outback recipe yet. Few have tried, like Buick with the Regal Tour X. Which was much better looking than the Outback but failed to attract potential buyers.

Mitsubishi does have serious off-road credentials and that could help a lot. Of the new cars planned from 2026 to 2030, 2 will be new models to cover segments where Mitsubishi isn’t currently offering anything. One will be the off-road van, and the second one is rumored to be the Outback competitor illustrated above. Although an electric pickup could be in the ecards as well.

The new wagon is also rumored to be based on the current Mitsubishi Outlander. That means a PHEV version for the wagon is also a possibility. Currently, the PHEV starts at $40,345. Not cheap, but less than the Toyota RAV4 prime. The Outlander PHEV has an EV range of 38 miles, which is OK. But a lower wagon with the same powertrain could get well over 40 miles.

We’ll see…

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  1. No one has cracked the Subaru Outback formula yet because they’ve done the following: * they made their cars a lot bigger (the TourX was extremely long and wide compared to the Outback);
    * they made their cars much lower (the TourX was low, and when they claimed it was “raised”, it was by 8 tenths of an inch. You slide down into it not, stepped into it.)
    * they made their cars much more expensive, yet the interiors were already aged by the time they hit the market. Subaru isn’t exactly leading edge of tech, but that Buick interior was strictly “old lady” and old GM, with the aqua colored instrument cluster. And if you wanted anything on that TourX, it was $45k, with a weak engine and much worse mileage. It looked great from the back, but the rest… was generic.

    Other car makers – I’m speaking to you. Want to make an Outback of your own? Copy what Subaru is doing. Don’t “reimagine” or “reinterpret”. Do what they do.

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