Leapmotor C16 and C10.

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Leapmotor C16
Leapmotor C10

These could be seen as 2 of many new EV SUVs coming out in China every day, or so it seems.

What makes these more interesting is their manufacturer, Leapmotor. The Chinese manufacturer recently created a joint venture with Stellantis, called Leapmotor International. Where Stellantis is the main owner and also acquired 20% of Leapmotor. The new company is scheduled to start selling cars in Europe in September. Followed by India, Middle East, Africa, and South America.

The C16 and C10 pictured above are obviously related, sharing similar designs and interiors. While the larger C16 offers 3 rows of seats, the smaller C10 seats 5. Leapmotor officially launched the C16 this week in China, where prices start at a shockingly low $21,500 for the base PHEV model. The EV version is only an $800 premium. The “Premium” EV model is priced at $ 23,300.

The PHEV uses a 1.5 Liter engine and its battery can provide up to 125 miles of electric driving. Even in the optimistic Chinese test cycle, this is an amazing number.

The EV is RWD only with a 215kW electric motor, and a range of up to 325 miles. Again, it would be closer to around 260 miles EPA, which is still very decent, especially for the price.

There are no available specs about the smaller C10 yet. The C10 will be sold in Europe but that hasn’t been mentioned yet about the C16.

Even at twice the price the C16 would be an interesting choice. Although an invisible one. Its design is not ugly or offensive, but totally invisible to the human population.

Models sold in Europe will be built at the Stellantis factory in Poland. Therefore avoiding any most tariffs. It makes you wonder if some of these new European-built EVs could end up in the US under a Stellantis brand like Dodge, Chrysler, or Jeep. Dodge doesn’t have much to offer these days and Chrysler has even less.

Would that be a good idea?

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