Mercedes EQC SUV.

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Since a new Mercedes EQC sedan is coming, it’s not that crazy to imagine a more compact SUV called EQC SUV following soon after. However, the illustrations above show what would be a worst-case scenario.

The EQ series from Mercedes has not been very popular so far. In part because of their design. These expensive EVs just don’t look enough like Mercedes models, and they just don’t look that premium to begin with. An EQE sedan doesn’t appear much fancier than a Honda Accord on the road.

I know designs are locked years before the cars actually come out, but this just looks like a smaller EQE SUV. Which itself looks like a smaller EQS SUV. And that flat front end looks worse than all of them.

The current Mercedes EQE SUV starts at $ 75,000, which means a smaller EQC SUV would still start at over $ 60,000 or so. The thing pictured above looks like a much cheaper model. Something like this would in no way be competitive against the new Cdillac Optiq, starting at $ 54,000.

Mercedes seems to be in a tough spot with their unattractive EVs. All I can say is, good luck…

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  1. Wow that’s ugly. The Germans fighting each other for the title of who makes the ugliest cars.

  2. I thought you just reported a few weeks ago that all future Mercedes electric models will be badged “XX-class with EQ technology” and will end up riding the same platforms as their ICE counterparts with very similar styling (like the EQB, current EQC and new G-Class with EQ technology). So there shouldn’t be a new EQC-badged sedan or SUV, and it most likely won’t look anything like that.

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