Xiaomi EV SUV.

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These photos are not the real thing, but pretty fantastic-looking computer illustrations of what the upcoming Xiaomi MX11 SUV could look like.

As you can see, the illustrations look very close to the prototype caught driving around. (bottom photo). As well s the stunning Xiaomi SU7 sedan revealed a few months ago.

And just like the sedan, the new SUV has more than a few hints of Porsche design cues. Which is OK. A good-looking car is a good-looking car in my book. Especially if it looks more like a sleek wagon than an SUV. The SU7 sedan is already quite a hit in China with over 50,000 orders in less than an hour after launch. With an expected production of 120,000 in 2024.

The SU7 is a very modern EV built on an 800-volt architecture. It comes in 3 different battery packs with RWD or AWD. The new sedan starts at around $30,500 in China. Whereas a Tesla Model 3 starts at $31,160. However, the Xiaomi is the size of the much more expensive Tesla Model S, not the Model 3.

The new MX11 will probably end up undercutting the Tesla Model Y, and look 10 times better. The aging Model Y is scheduled to get a refresh similar to the 2024 Model 3 sometime next year. This means there might be no surprises, the new Model 3 interior will migrate to the Y, with new front and rear ends. With similar improvements in ride and noise.

These small changes will put Tesla even further behind. With no truly new Model Y or Model 3 on the horizon and new Chinese EVs coming out almost every single day, that huge market will become a bad headache for the US brand. And not just China. As of this week, the Tesla Model Y, which was Europe’s best-selling car in 2023, is now 18th on the list. From 1st to 18th in a few months. ( Even Steven Segal’s career took longer to drop that low.)

That new product meeting on August 8th will be quite interesting…

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