New Porsche 3-row SUV.

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Porsche 3-row EV SUV illustration.

Porsche has been working for a while on a new top-of-the-line 3-row SUV model. No name yet except a “K1” code name.

Some say it will be a longer version of the next-generation Porsche Cayenne EV SUV coming out next year. Others claim this is an all-new model that will only be available with 6 or 7 seats. The new SUV would be based on a new EV platform called SSP Sport. A platform that will also be shared by upcoming new models from Audi and even Bentley.

Even though there are already testing prototypes, the new SUV’s isn’t expected before late 2026. Which is after the new Cayenne EV. As far as pricing, it could be quite crazy. Since the Macan basically got a $ 20,000 price bump in its EV transition, the next Cayenne could now start at almost $ 100,000 instead of the recurrent $ 79,000. That would put the new model even higher. Probably starting at over $ 120,000.

And why not? Since Porsche is pretty much all about huge profit margins these days. Making EVs affordable is not their mission. Making money is…

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  1. Vomit.

    Throughout the history of the auto, certain brands gain prominence and usually it is a result of them giving the market exactly what it needs at a specific point in time. But eventually that brand loses its way and gets surpassed by someone else. They lose focus as to what made them great because they get too greedy or too lazy or lose focus about what their core values are. Or some combination of the three. I predict a 3 row porsche SUV will be that point for the brand. Or maybe this is just an April Fools joke.

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