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Official photos of the all-new Audi Q6 SUV are finally out.

As expected, and previewed by the multitude of spy shots we’ve seen in the past year, it looks exactly like all other Audi SUVs. An all-new model that no one will ever notice as new. Which I guess, isn’t the end of the world… At least it’s not super ugly. Except for the oversized fake front grille. And also the giant hamster-like front side scoops. (What is going on with that???)

We had seen the interior before, so again, no surprise. But again, it seems really nice. Especially in the tan/black combo shown in the photos above. And there’s even a front truck, something VW’s current EV platform doesn’t offer.

The Audi Q6 is based on the new PPE platform also used by the new Porsche Mecan EV.

At launch, only AWD dual motor versions will be available as Q6 and SQ6. A more affordable RWD version with a longer range will come at a later date. The Q6 is rated at 422HP in the US and the SQ6 at 483HP. Audi is expecting a range of “over 300 miles” for the US Q6.

While both models will be available in the US this fall, no pricing is available yet. Although it’s fair to expect something right in between the Q4‘s $55,000 starting price and the Q8‘s $74,000. That would mean low 60s for the Q6.

If priced right, I think the new Audi Q6 could be an attractive choice for many. The unpopular Mercedes EQS SUV seems about the same size but starts at over $ 74,000. It seems all these mid-sized EV SUVs were developed back when the Tesla Model Y started at $ 66,000. Before Tesla dropped the price by $ 18,000 overnight. At over $ 60,000, the Q6 will still be quite a premium over the Model Y.

Will it be worth it?

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  1. They could have designed their EVs to look different, more interesting. But NO….

  2. What happened to Audi? I guess the VW stumble into EVs, their Bosch-Dieselgate, and terrible design group has continued to reek havoc across the entire VW group. This is very Chevy Equinox looking. I wonder if the pandemic’s effects (no one in offices, less focus on career/more on surviving and health) is the partly to blame for why we’re now seeing so much terrible and mediocre designs in general.

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