Future Tesla Model S.

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Tesla Model S illustration.

This is another guess at what a second-generation Tesla Model S could look like.

Tesla has recently shown photos of 3 covered cars among their current lineup. Which are probably the CyberCab, the Roadster, and some kind of a van. Or maybe that small compact model is back on track?

However, there seems to be zero work being done on a new Model S. which is actually a bit of a shame. Not only because it’s a historical model for Tesla and the entire automobile industry, (it basically put them on the map), but also because the luxury EV sedan segment is not dead. With cars like the Lucid Air, BMW i7, and Mercedes EQS around. And more coming up.

Of course, these will never sell by the millions and will not make Elon Musk even richer, but the Model S deserves some love, especially after 12 years. Of course, like any Tesla model, it is constantly updated a bit. It did get a redesigned front end in 2016. And a new interior in 2021. More features have been added and the price has been lowered and is currently $73 000. (Which is still more than the base version of the Lucid Air.)

After 12 years, the big Tesla deserves a new body. While it is still a good-looking car, it also seems newer models like the Model Y and especially the 2024 Model 3 have been much more reliable as well.

Before we lose hope, let’s all remember back in 2020 (before the new interior), when crazy Musk claimed no changes were coming to the Model S.

So, who really knows…

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  1. Musk got his pay out afterall. $46b. Now you’ll see what his word is worth. My guess = absolutely nothing. These new models he’s promised will never see the light of day.

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