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Tesla Model S illustration.

Of course, the Tesla Model S is due for a new generation, after over 12 years. But it’s probably not coming. At least any time soon…

Back in 2012, the Model S sedan was an automotive revolution. At the time the base range was rated at 208 miles, with a longer-range model available with 265 miles. Something some EVs can’t actually match these days. Like the Toyota bZ4X.

Just over 2500 cars were delivered that year, which jumped to almost 30,000 units by 2016. However, only about 16,000 of them were sold last year. This is due to the total lack of upgrades or changes in the past few years. 16,000 is still not bad since it’s still more than the Mercedes S-Class or BMW 7 series in the US.

Tesla has been busy pushing the Model 3 and especially the Model Y. And starting production of the Cybertruck. It seems the 2nd generation Roadster has almost been forgotten after all these years of waiting. And the revised Model 3 looks a lot like the previous version after over 6 years. The same revisions are coming to the Model Y next year. The rest is up in the air since Elon (reportedly) decided to cancel the future compact car. It seems there isn’t much in Tesla’s future…

It’s really too bad the Model S isn’t getting much love. At $ 73,000 loaded, it’s also less expensive than many rivals. Even the newer Lucid Air. Which starts at $ 70,000 without all the standard stuff you find in the Tesla.

I really think the Tesla Model S deserves a brand-new design. It could shake things up again…

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  1. Elon seems to be intent on destroying Tesla (or at least letting is it slip into oblivion) since his interests are now elsewhere.

    He seems to have acquired the Henry Ford, in this case where the Model 3 is the answer to everything. No new cars apparent in the pipeline. The Cybertruck is a niche vehicle that should have taken second place to the urgently needed Model 2.

    I honestly do not see a long term strategy for Tesla, they need a real car guy at the top and not Elon getting in the way. He was a great visionary to get the company started but does not seem to have the interest or sills to keep it going.

  2. Elon wants Tesla to be a (multi) trillion dollar company. He realizes that that will never happen by simply making Tesla a great car company. Just look at what’s happening in China: massive EV production and innovation amidst intense competition and negative margins. Great car companies are worth ~$100B because the business is complex, capital intensive, and fraught with lousy margins. But, solve self-driving, and Tesla becomes an Nvidia/Apple/Amazon. I’m not 100% convinced Elon will succeed in this strategy, but I understand that to his way of thinking, making Tesla a great “car” company is no longer interesting. It was interesting when Tesla was worth $20B but not when it’s worth a half trillion. Take out millions of Uber drivers and truckers, and he creates (or maintains!) dramatically more value. Personally, I would rather see Tesla develop a great line-up of EVs with a steady cadence of new models (the “new” model 3 would barely qualify as an MCE at any other automaker and a laughably late one at that). But, do that, and he can kiss his current $500B market cap goodbye let alone expand it.

  3. Tesla has broken the car industry’s norms. The idea of waiting 5 or 6 years and then releasing a fully redesigned car is out the window. Tesla does incremental changes to its cars throughout the design cycle and even throughout the year. And the styling is incredibly incremental. The new Model 3 looks so similar to the old one, most won’t notice the difference. I think something similar will happen with the S where it will get new sheetmetal but it will look so much like the current one few will even care. Too bad because I think it is a very handsome large sedan.
    As usual Musk will find a way to ruin anything he touches.

  4. It won’t happen. Musk has given up on Tesla because he sees no fighting chance against the Chinese and hates our govt because he’s not getting the massive handouts the way they are. Its why he’s asking for and seeing a real stockholder fight against his $50b+ payout… aka cashing out. But let’s get real about Tesla. They really only have 3 vehicles. The 3 and the model Y – both are really sedans, but one has a raised roof and a hatch. The S and the model X – both are really sedans, but one has a raised roof and a hatch. And 3rd, the ill concieved and even more poorly executed CyberJunk. That’s it. There’s no real SUV. No real diversity of offering. And he’s purged all the talent from Tesla to do anything else by being a complete troll. So I expect we’ll begin to see plants closures – Berlin, then Fremont, as they contract and possibly turn to the Chinese to provide all builds and further development. Or he flat out sells out to the Chinese all together. Sais la vie! Bye. And don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

  5. I think Teslas are some of the ugliest cars ever. Musk also thinks we want to look at designs approaching 15 years old. Yuck.

  6. The Tesla S/X hasn’t even been offered in RHD markets for years. Which is shocking. I agree that an all-new generation of Tesla Sedans and SUVs need to come up with a fresh look to keep with what makes the brand special.

  7. Model S in one of the best-looking large sports sedan, it makes the i7 and EQS look so week. Just keep refining, no complete refresh needed.

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