2025 Tesla Model 3 Performance.

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We finally get to see the last piece of the “revised Tesla Model 3” puzzle, the Performance model.

After 6 years, the performance version gets the same revised interior as the “regular” Model 3 got just a few months ago. The main event seems to be the new seats inside, and the new adaptive damping with 3 driving modes. Which is not available on other versions of the Model 3.

In these official photos above, the 20-inch wheels look quite small for some reason, even smaller than the 19-inch units optional on other Model 3 versions. And the car seems to ride really low. I guess performance buyers won’t mind.

It seems improvements aren’t that great. Just like other versions, the interior is all new but also looks very similar to the previous version.

Again, this seems pretty attractive to current owners or Tesla fans, but I don’t think it does much to attract new buyers to the brand. 0 to 60 times is now 2.9 seconds instead of 3.1. Is this really a difference any human on planet Earth can feel?

This will end up being a big problem for Tesla. A revised model after 6 years, and no word or rumors of an all-new generation on the horizon. A revised Model Y was delayed until next year, and again, not an all-new one. And apparently, no smaller $25 000 model coming at all. Instead, a BS Robotaxi new model with a technology that isn’t ready yet. It seems nothing else is planned for the next few years.

What’s going on over there???

The new Tesla Model 3 performance is priced at $ 54,400 and does qualify for all federal incentives. So that’s a thing…

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  1. The Model 3 Performance has always been my favorite Tesla, and the formula, with the exception of the lack of a driver’s display is already pretty good. The changes make this model even more appealing and kind of a value when it comes to performance in regards to other EVs on the market. With the passenger/cargo space efficiency, it also would make for an incredible daily driver. I do wish the range was more than it is, but name another EV anywhere close to the weight of the 3P, and it still has better range than most performance minded EVs.

  2. The Model 3 Performance is my favorite Tesla, and other than the lack of a driver’s display, and more range it is actually really good in comparison to other EV sedans. The range isn’t even that bad when performance to weight ratio is factored in. It’s actually one of the lighter bev entries, if not the lightest. The new changes will make it even better imo, and in comparison to other performance based evs, a real value.

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