2025 Ford Capri.

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The original Ford Capri came out back in 1968. A second generation was introduced from 1974 to 1978. It was a European Ford built in Germany as well as in England but was also sold in the US for a few years.

The car you see above is based on the new European Ford Explorer EV. Itself based on VW’s ID platform and is related to the ID.4. I guess that means the Capri is Ford;s version of the eVW ID.5, sort of.

It must have been hard for Ford designers to cram a few old Capri design cues into a new much higher 4-door crossover design. I guess the main design returning design element is the oval shape of the rear side window.

There are no specs yet on the new Ford Capri, but they should be very similar to the European Ford Explorer EV and VW ID.4. This is of course not coming over here. Unlike the eEuropeal Explored EV with its boxier shape, it seems the Capri’s coupe silhouette would actually be competing with the Mustang Mach-e. Although both will be on sale in Europe somehow.

More on this very soon.

As for the guy in the picture, I have no idea who that is. At least he seems happy.

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  1. Eric Daniel Pierre Cantona (French: Éric;[5] pronounced [e.ʁik dan.jɛl pjɛʁ kɑ̃.tɔ.na]; born 24 May 1966) is a French actor, singer and former professional footballer. A large, physically strong, hard-working and tenacious player, Cantona combined technical skill and creativity with power and goalscoring ability. Invariably utilised as a deep-lying forward, he was also capable of playing as a centre-forward, as an out-and-out striker, as an attacking midfielder, or as a central midfielder. In 2004, he was named by Pelé in the FIFA 100 list of the world’s greatest living players.

    That’s who he is. I looked up 2024 Ford Capri Show Car and there he was.

  2. I think Ford should have left the “Capri” name in their past. This crossover “coupe” doesn’t do justice to this iconic name; it looks much too dorky to carry the name into the future. Given the sexy coupes that proudly wore the name in the past, this upcoming crossover looks like a major design travesty and an insult to this historic nameplate. What a shame!

  3. “I’ve got another great car idea”
    (sigh) “let me guess, take another sports car and turn it into a crossover?”
    “no, not at all… the idea is: let’s take another sports car and turn it into a crossover”

  4. so what are they gonna call this in Italy to sell it there? since it can’t have an “italian sounding” name? Ford Jersey? Guernsey? Ford Man? or Fold Malta? 😉

  5. Is there any storied Ford model name that they don’t plan to sully by tacking it onto an EV and/or SUV? I’m waiting for the Crown Victoria EV version of the Expedition.

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