2025 Kia EV4.

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The illustration above shows how close the new 2025 Kia EV4 sedan could be to the concept we saw last year.

It is probably mostly correct. However, there is something in the proportions that makes the car in the illustration-heavy and thick-looking. It could end up looking like this, but I haven’t seen this in the spy shots of the car we’ve seen so far.

The rear lights seem pretty accurate and match what we’ve seen of the production car so far. No matter what, this is gearing up to be another production Kia design that will look very close to its earlier concept. A wonderful trend that seems to have started with the Kia EV9. After many years of great-looking concepts that had nothing to do with their production models.

Production of the new Kia EV4 is scheduled to start in Korea in March 2025. The model sold in the US could be produced in Mexico, qualifying it for US Federal Incentives. Kia is expecting Korean production of the EV4 sedan to reach 70,000 annually.

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  1. Kia projections area always at least double what they can actually sell for their EV monstrosities. That’s why they’re on a never ending cycle of refreshes and redesigns. Keep fartin’ em out, my friend.

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