• 2006 Volvo C30

    That is the 1st official photo of the new Volvo.But it is completely covered, and we can’t see anything!!! And Volvo is only saying that the car is 20 centimeters shorter than the S40. That’s it for now…

  • Korean response

    Seems like the Koreans feel pretty threatened by the amazing success and popularity of last week’s Shanghai auto show.So they’re not pulling any punches this time: they will bring out more babes than ever before ! If you don’t have that many new cars to show off, just put more women. Have them sit ON… Continue reading Korean response

  • The Bizaro World!!!

    Japanese independant car maker Mitsuoka specializes in turning your average, boring sedan into a Monster!They start where Stutz and Excalibur left of, in the 1970’s… This one is pretty amazing. As you can see, it is based on a Japanese Honda Accord. Known here as the Acura TSX!Who cares if the erzatz 1930’s front end… Continue reading The Bizaro World!!!

  • T2X Concept

    Another useless concept. Just a tease.This will never be produced.It would be nice if at least they could use that cool front end on an actual car. The weird thing is: it is supposed to be the “Chevrolet T2X Concept”. But it still wears a Daewoo badge…I know Daewoos are sold as Chevys in Europe..… Continue reading T2X Concept

  • Honda Airwave

    On these pictures, this new little wagon from Honda doesn’t look as bad as I thought.Or as cheap. And I love the giant glass roof!It is small, has only a 1.5 Liter engine. But that could make it good competition to the Scion brand in the US.It kind of feels like the ultra conservative son… Continue reading Honda Airwave

  • Peugeot 907

    Still a concept, but a few steps closer to reality. With a V12 good for 500hp.Some people at Peugeot are talking about a limited run of 1000 units a year at 150 000 Euros each! That’s right, 150 000 Euros. Over $200 000. A big stretch for the French car maker. They are facing the… Continue reading Peugeot 907

  • US Audi A3

    Audi has announced the price of the all new 5 door A3 for the US market.The base car will go for $24 740.And the Automatic will be $26 140.Not too bad for a luxury brand. And they all come with 17inch wheels, a 10 speaker stereo and power everything.I sat in a couple of them… Continue reading US Audi A3

  • Chery Minivan

    This is another one that is pretty much a production model. And should make it to the US in 2007.It looks like a mean version of the boring Honda minivan.The front looks like a buldog.It seems that they found what GM has been trying to do: give a bit of the SUV agressivity to a… Continue reading Chery Minivan

  • Brilliance Interior

    Here is an interior shot of the Pininfarina designed Brilliance car from, where else..China!And that interior, to me, looks much more attractive than the current BMW designs. So does the exterior.And it looks already better than Korean designs!No word on the engine yet, except that it is from Mitsubishi. Mitsubishi used to provide engines for… Continue reading Brilliance Interior

  • B.Y.D ET

    Another cool looking prototype from China.With….Another cool looking model from China! This one (the car), reminds me of a giant “Hot Wheel”… The interior experience looks like “driving an iMac”.

  • Malcom Bricklin and Chery

    This is probably very close to one of the cars Mr. Bricklin will import from Chinese car maker Chery in January 2007.He claims to be able so sell 250 000 cars in the 1st year, through 250 dealers!And a line up of 18 different models by 2010.He also says the main problem will be “not… Continue reading Malcom Bricklin and Chery

  • Another one!

    Besides Chery and Brilliance, I can’t tell who’s who in what seems to be an endless sea of Chinese car makers… But this one looks really good. A much more modern and daring take on the Pontiac G6 theme. And it also looks about production ready.We’ll have to see in the next year or so,… Continue reading Another one!

  • New Chery Compact

    Another concept from Chery.A real original this time. It looks weird and futuristic, but at the same time, production ready!Look at the door/window trim, the bumpers etc…I am not sure how small this one is, but they did mention a compact model in their US line up…