• New Brilliance Models

    These are the Chinese cars Europe will get before the end of this year. So they claim…It would seem pretty amazing for a new car maker to set up a network in such a short time..As I mentioned before, it is a revision of a 2 year old model designed by Ital Design in Italy.This… Continue reading New Brilliance Models

  • Toyota iUnit

    Looks fun. They showed it a while ago, but they are bringing it to China this week. To show off??? So.. You can NEVER take a date with you? What’s the point of a cool car?

  • More on the Fiat Croma

    Nothing “all new” really. The Croma is already out in some countries. But it seems to look much nicer on the street than in the press photos.Engines are 1.8 and 2.2 Liter. And a new 2.4 Liter diesel. But the prices!!!! The 2.2 goes for around $27000 Euros.And the 2.4 Liter can top $40000 Euros.… Continue reading More on the Fiat Croma

  • Ssang Yong Rodius

    This almost looks like a joke.It is so ugly and disturbing that it almost doesn’t look real… This strange “all new” Korean SUV/Van thing is available in Europe with a Mercedes 2.7 Liter Diesel engine.But it costs over $32000! It is amazing to see how many lines a bad designer needs to get from point… Continue reading Ssang Yong Rodius

  • Hongqi HQ3 Concept

    Well, isn’t that a mouth full. This Chinese brand calls it a concept, but it looks like a total copy of the japanese Toyota Crown Majesta. Not sold in Europe or the States.But look at the 2 cars. It’s pretty amazing.It almost looks like it is a Toyota manufactured in China under license…The Koreans still… Continue reading Hongqi HQ3 Concept

  • More on the B.Y.D

    I posted a picture of this car a few days ago.The one with a BMW front end. Well, here is a bit more.It actually doesn’t look worse than other mainstream asian cars…Hey, if the Scion Tc has a Volvo front end, why can’t these guys copy BMW?

  • Chery Convertible

    The Chinese car maker claims it will sell a convertible for around $20 000 in the US, in 2007.Well that might just be it!And it is not a complete copy of another car. Although the Peugeot influence is obvious.This is just called a “concept” for now, but…. I can’t wait!

  • BMW 3 Series Touring

    Touring, touring. It’s a wagon. That’s all…And a simple one at that. Nothing special here. Just a straight box in the back.The interior still has the horrific dashboard from the sedan. The only “cool” (but not unique) thing about it is the “double” sunroof. Similar to the the Subaru Outback or even the $16000 Scion… Continue reading BMW 3 Series Touring

  • New Seat leon

    Another great looking car we won’t get. The all new Leon from Spanish Seat.This compact based on VW, uses 1.6 or 2.0 Liter engines. Plus a couple of diesels. That is just too bad… It makes the Golf look 10 years older.

  • New renault Clio

    Sharing a new platform with Nissan, the new Clio looks much more upscale and expensive than the current one.Not sure when this comes out, but I would guess in the fall of this year. Let’s hope they can finally put quiet engines in this one…

  • 2006 Hyundai Santa Fe

    Nothing amazing, but the Santa Fe will be all new for 2006.Which means almost every model Hyndai offers in the US will be all new for 2006.Amazing when you think about it. This interior shot doesn’t show anything original. But their quality is always getting better. Let’s hope they stay cheaper than the japanese competition.A… Continue reading 2006 Hyundai Santa Fe

  • They will be missed…

    MG Rover might finally be on its way out. This time for good.They were owned by BMW until a few years ago. And a new deal with a Chinese company was supposed to “save” the company, but that all went sour last week.They are know thinking of closing down the comapny for good.That is really… Continue reading They will be missed…

  • Chery Crossover

    Another Chery we might get. The “Crossover”.The name says it all: it’s a wagon! But it looks pretty nice, and doesn’t seem to be an obvious copy of anything. Although if it was wearing a Chrysler badge, no one would notice…Let’s hope we do get this one. With only 4 cylinder engines, it might be… Continue reading Chery Crossover