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As I mentioned earlier, the Chinese market Ford Escort has been revised. With mostly the usual new front and rear ends outside. The whole thing has a small Fusion vibe which is OK.
But I really think the interior is quite surprising for a cheap entry-level sedan. Everything, at least on these photos, seems much nicer than what you’d expect. And that dashboard looks pretty nice in a low-end car.
It seems Ford has been very busy designing very modern interiors for his Chinese market models. Like the Evos, (HERE). The new Equator (HERE). And even the Edge (HERE)
These redesigned interior make the ones from our Explorer, Escape and even Bronco Sport look seriously busy and outdated.
I just wonder how long it will take Ford to bring the new interior design language over here. If ever…

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  1. Ford should offer it for sale in North America.
    As it will be doing with it's cheap to purchase upcoming ford Maverick pickup truck, offer a small, affordable sedan with a well known name , front wheel drive, limited options and trim levels, focusing on being a solid, reliable, everyday vehicle such as the Toyota Corollas.

  2. Why do you present the chinese Escort every 2 or 3 months? Not relevant. No market for small economy cars here.

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