2023 Acura Integra: sad news…

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There was a leak about the final design late last year. But now, we have the bad news. 

The new Integra will indeed come with the Honda CVT as standard. Although it seems from the info above (from the Acura Integra Forum) that a manual 6 speed will only be available on the A-Spec Tech trim. Which is the top-of-the-line model.

This is really too bad the CVT is the only transmission available on the regular model. A-Spec will probably come with some spoiler and black wheels combo. Which is not to everyone’s taste (at least not mine) So the 6-speed manual will be an expensive model since the base Integra will start at around $30 000. ( also, the sportier A-Spec (non-Tech) seems to be CVT only which doesn’t make any sense). At a high price, no one will get the manual. Which will allow Acura to claim no one wants it. Which means it will probably be discontinued in the 2nd or 3rd year of production.

While the new Integra is really just a Civic with new body panels, the interior we saw earlier in spy shots isn’t all new either.

This is really too bad. the CVT in the 2022 1.5 Liter Civic ruins a lot of the driving enjoyment. Unless you drive the car like your grandmother would, in order to avoid any of the droning. Which is really not the point of an Integra. The 10 speed auto from the Accord would have been the perfect choice for the small Acura. But the new Integra seems to be a new car on a very tight R&D budget.

Bad news…


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  1. Not even sure Acura wants to sell this car anymore. Lol
    It's going to do wonders for Civic Sport/Touring Hatch sales though, at least for the ones that know. It's also the one I would buy. I would even get the decontented Civic Si over the Integra.

  2. What a joke, they could have used their DCT, but this is literally a badge engineering job like a CImmaron.

  3. It's too bad because, it's true the bad news just kept piling on with this car and it isn't even released yet. I'm sure the reasoning is to save money but it seems like that's all they've been trying to do all making this car.

  4. The ILX was embarrassing because it was clearly a rebodied Civic being marketed as something it was not. The Integra is embarrassing because it is clearly a rebodied Civic being marketed as something it will never be. The name deserves a much better car.

  5. Que the Acura apologists. So many excuses made. But not sure how you put an excuse on a CVT for most of the available units (BUT THE MANUAL!!! MOST PEOPLE DONT CARE OR KNOW THE DIFFERENCE). Yet people still overwhelming are leaving Acura. Kinda says they do know.

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