Next-generation Hyundai Kona: showing its face…

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Not sure if this is brand new, but I hadn’t seen it before. 
The top pic actually shows most of the front end of the next-generation Hyundai Kona.
As we’ve seen before, the whole thing seems more angular. And these lights and that front end in general do remind me of the new Kia Niro
The current Kona is a nice compact crossover. With a great powertrain. And the EV version is really good. Although now, at around $34 000, while much cheaper than before, it is still $8000 more than the Chevrolet Bolt. I wonder how low the new version of this and the Niro will be.
The 2022 Niro (previous Geb) is even pricier at $40 000!
These guys need to start at around $30 000 to have a chance. (EV versions)
With the Bolt, the new $30 000 Equinox EV, the next Nissan Leaf, and many others, it seems $30 000 or less will be what’s expected for a low-end EV.  


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  1. It seems that the best value EVs will mainly be the Kona and Chevy Equinox. Both will be reasonably priced and offer AWD. Both will also have highly advanced batteries until solid-state batteries soon become the norm. The Bolt is unfortunately on extended life support while Vinfast lacks popularity with no valid reliability records. The same is true with Fisker's Pear. People still feel more comfortable buying an EV from a traditional OEM. Tesla is the exception despite a reputation for lackluster builds. They're too expensive and it seems there are no updates on their so-called below $30,000 car.

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