2025 Nissan Maxima: new illustration.

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The current generation Nissan Maxima production is ending this spring. Which is probably in just a few days (maybe they even stopped already?). There will be no 2024 Maxima, but it is rumored to make a return for the 2025 model year, as an all-new electric sedan.

The design is rumored to be influenced by the IMs concept from 2019 (bottom pic). Yes, that was 4 years ago. Nissan has been in trouble for a while and it seems their new EV models are pretty late. The Ariya that was introduced back in July 2020 was just driven by the US press a few weeks ago. It was supposed to go on sale in 2021. There is also a smaller and cheaper Leaf replacement in the works.

The Maxima EV will give Nissan a new electric sedan to compete not only with the Tesla Model 3 but the Hyundai Ioniq 6 and the upcoming VW ID.7. It will probably be heavily based on the Ariya, just like the Ioniq 6 is very similar to the Ioniq 5. This would probably also mean a longer EV range than the Ariya using the same batteries.

It will be interesting to see an all-new Nissan Ev sedan. And keeping the Maxima name would be a great idea instead of coming up with some weird sub-brand like VW or Mercedes.

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  1. Has everyone forgotten already that Nissan showed a short teaser video of two new electric sedans just over a year ago? One was a Nissan, the other an Infiniti. These two new EV sedans will be built in Nissan’s Canton Mississippi plant and are due in 2025. That matches up perfectly with the rumor of a Maxima return in that year. In the teaser video we could see a quick glimpse of what appears to be the production version of the IMS concept (mixed with a little bit of the Chill Out concept, mostly in the front end/headlights) and QS Inspiration concept. Smart bet would be the Nissan is named Maxima and the Infiniti version is the next Q50. I LOVE the idea of the next Maxima being an EV. It is exactly the shot in the arm needed for a storied long-lived nameplate that long ago lost its way. Ghosn left Nissan in shambles and while the recovery for Nissan has been slow, I’m glad to see it happening.

  2. The downside about EVs is the greenhouses are looking more identical than ICE vehicle’s greenhouses. This greenhouse looks like Lexus EV and Lucid.
    Good thing the Kia EV9, EV6 greenhouses don’t look like that.

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