2025 Nissan Murano.

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Just when you thought the Nissan Murano was dead, there’s a new one around the corner. Too bad the illustration above is pretty terrible and doesn’t give us a good idea of the final product.

The front end looks like it could be pretty close but the rest of the car doesn’t match the spy shots. The illustration looks more like a mid-cycle facelift of the 1st generation Murano. So far this year Nissan sold only 22 829 of them. Which is pretty low and doesn’t seem to be worth the next generation. But surprise surprise, there’s also a new Honda Passport around the corner as well! With only 34 045 sales so far this year it’s not that much more popular than the Murano.

I guess Nissan and Honda are hoping new generations of these old designs could change things around, although people seem to go for larger 3-row SUVS when they step up from a CR-V or RAV-4 these days.

Toyota is also jumping back in the mid-sized 5-seater SUVS with the new Crown Signia. But unlike the Crown Signia, the next Murano is rumored to keep its super smooth 3.5 Liter V6. Which could also be the case for the next Passport. The Murano is also expected to replace the CVT with the same 9-speed automatic from the Pathfinder. Which is more good news.

It seems large V6 engines aren’t dead yet, which is great. Sure, they’re thirsty, but large 4-cylinder Turbos aren’t that much better on gas in real-life driving. You only same 2 or 3MPG but give up that luxurious smooth and quiet feel. (Although the Acura RDX’s powertrain is pretty close for a 4-cylinder.)

We should see the next Murano at the beginning of next year…

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