2026 Mazda Miata

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These are illustrations of what a next-generation Mazda Miata could look like.

They are obviously based on the new Iconic SP concept we saw just a few days ago. Although we had already seen it in a Mazda corporate video last year.

Most of us expect the Iconic SP concept to influence the next-generation Miata, but the changes shown here are just too much. And the production version shown in the illustrations is just not nearly as good-looking as the concept. The concept is actually almost a foot longer than the current Miata, which could be a problem in a translation to a production model. Or just let the Miata grow a bit, why not? The concert was very well received by everyone and I’m not sure people would mind a slightly longer Miata. The proportions of the illustrations are just too close to the current car.

Either way, it will be interesting to see what Mazda does with the Miata.

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  1. I don’t know why we can’t have both? Maybe Mazda will mimic the AMG GT/SL strategy and produce two different vehicles from the same platform, a higher-performance rotary/hybrid RX-90 coupe and a somewhat smaller, slightly decontented MX-50 hybrid roadster? Actually, that sounds closer to the Mercedes 300SL gullwing and 190SL roadster strategy of the 1950s.

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