Tesla Cybretruck: price and specs!

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There you go, today we finally found out the official specs and pricing for the long-awaited Tesla Cybretruck.

While it is now 4 years since we saw the concept, it looks like deliveries will only start next year. Only a few trucks have been built so far, and they are probably pre-production models. They apparently delivered only 12 trucks today.

And you’ll have to wait another couple of years or so for the less expensive 2WD version! The base RWD model was originally priced at $40 000. 4 years later is 50% more at $60 000. While, as you can see above, the AWD model will start at $20 000 more! And you just know most people who want a pickup truck will be getting AWD.

Of course, $80 000 is a lot of money, but its main competition from Rivian, the R1T starts at $73 000 with 533HP and a 270 miles range. This makes the Tesla Cybertruck competitive since the AWD model has 600HP and a longer 340-mile range.

The standard “Pro” model of the Ford F-150 Lightning starts at $ 10,000 less than the cheapest Cybertruck at $ 50,000. For that price, it only has a 240 miles battery but AWD is standard.

The Tesla Cybretruck is still a very puzzling vehicle. At $ 60,000 before incentives, the base model seems quite attractive for those who just want to be noticed by their friends and neighbors and want the craziest-looking truck out there. It seems most of these won’t be sold to actual professionals who need a work truck. I just wonder how long the Cybretruck craze will last. This is not for everyone and would mostly be considered a niche vehicle, except they claim to have about 2 million reservations. However, I cannot imagine most people waiting 2 or 4 years or even more to get one.

It will be interesting to see how it does after the 1st year or two.

As far as I’m concerned, I both love and hate design. I love the fact that it is so different, especially from other trucks that, let’s face it, all look pretty much the same, as they have for decades. But I hate the impractical, borderline undrivable aspect of it. From photos I’ve seen of the interior, it seems like a huge pain the drive around with giant blind spots and an almost total lack of visibility.

An expensive toy that exists mainly to be noticed, and not to be driven.

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  1. The back seat looks like you need to be an Olympic gymnast to get in. It slopes very steeply near the back and the bottom of the door is high off the ground. You might just have to catapult yourself head first if you are taller to keep from hitting your head

  2. It will be mocked severely if it has a Ford EV Truck range when pulling a load. As it should. I’m not a super fan of electrics (hybrids are a different story) but I hope this thing can pull a load somewhat close to the miles shown in your story. If they can get within 70%, it will sell.

  3. What a piece of absolute garbage. I hope this fails and brings down tesla with it. I’m not anti-electric, just anti Tesla

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