2025 Ford Bronco Sport interior.

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Ford Bronco Sport interior.
2023 Ford Escape interior.

I really like the Ford Bronco Sport. I think it’s a great design with tons of personality, but, like many, I am always a bit disappointed by the interior. While they do offer really cool colors and finishes, that dashboard is just bad. They obviously should have done something retro to match the exterior design, but somehow, they didn’t. Something similar to the “Big” Ford Bronco would have been perfect.

On top of that, the “Baby Bronco” has gone up in price since it came out in 2020. For 2024, it starts at $31, 230. The base lease is also a lot at $412 a month. Of course, that design has much more personality than any of its competition, but prices quickly climb with just a few options.

Everyone basically agrees it really needs a better interior. For 2025, Ford will make some changes inside. But, as you can see in the spy photo above, it seems the main change will be a much larger screen. Which seems to be directly lifted from the 2023 Ford Escape. What we can see of the door panels in the spy shot looks exactly like the recurrent car. The rest of the dash is probably also very similar.

Instead of giving the Bronco Sport the cool new interior it deserves, it looks like Ford went “the cheap way” and just added a larger screen. One so big that it might even look out of place.

There were rumors of a Hybrid version coming soon a couple of years ago, but instead, what we’ve seen so far in spy photos is a new more off-road-oriented version, not a hybrid. Again, that would be a missed opportunity for Ford especially since that powertrain is already right there, standard on the Maverick.

Just like a standard Hybrid on the 2025 Toyota Camry, giving the Bronco Sport a standard hybrid powertrain would give Ford quite an advantage over everyone else.

I guess a top-of-the-line testosterone-filled off-road version has a better profit margin…

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  1. The hybrid is so popular now that it’s no longer standard on the Maverick.

    I love my Bronco Sport Badlands!

  2. Well. I know Santa’s bringing me some new Sony Earbuds for sure. But I would really appreciate a car from the old man. Maybe a 1975 Ford LTD or a Lucid. Just something nice.

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