Future Lucid compact Sedan & SUV.

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The top photo is an illustration from Car magazine showing what the upcoming smaller Lucid sedan could look like. And it seems pretty realistic to me.

So far, Lucid’s design team has done wonderful work with the Air sedan and Gravity SUV. The Air’s price seems to be changing all the time but it currently starts at around $75000 while the Gravity will start at under $ 80,000. Lucid is hoping the new smaller sedan could start at under $ 50,000, which would still be about $ 10,000 than the Tesla Model 3.

So far Lucid has a range advantage over Tesla and everyone else. They have also revealed work has started on a smaller SUV and the 2 new models will go directly against the Tesla Model 3 and Model Y as high-volume models.

With the Lucid Gravity starting production late next year, I wouldn’t be surprised if we saw the smaller sedan sometime in 2024 with a 2025 production date. The new product could expand Lucid’s reach and allow it access to a much larger market.

No matter what, another really good-looking car on the road is always good news.

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