2025 Hyundai Ioniq 7.

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It seems with every new spy shot, we get to see more and more of the new 2025 Hyundai Ioniq 7. Although the chrome trim on the rear side window seems like it could have been added to the picture for some reason. (would it really be that thick?)

So far things look pretty close to the Hyundai Seven concept we saw back in late 2021, just like the Kia EV9 ended up really close to its concept version. Unlike the Kia, the Hyundai will have a much more conventional design that could appeal to a wider audience. Its “modern without being weird” look could be the ticket to a big hit. Although pricing is always an issue, the EV9 is not cheap, starting at over $ 56,000 for just 220 miles of range.

I cannot imagine the Ioniq 7 being much cheaper than its Kia cousin. And apparently, it is rumored to even be a bit larger than the Kia.

Production is scheduled to start in South Korea in July, and later in 2025, in Georgia for units sold in North America, which will allow the Hyundai Ioniq 7 and Kia EV9 to qualify for federal incentives.

Prices on Ioniq models might be high, but Hyundai has been able to offer pretty good lease payments on their new EVs lately. Like a $349 a month/$5000 down for an Ioniq 6 SE, a $43 000 car. Although the SE is still a basic model, that lease is not as attractive as the one on a new loaded Tesla Model 3 for $329 a month/$4500 down.

These Tesla prices seem to be very hard for anyone to compete against.

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