2026 BMW 6 series/i6.

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2026 BMW 6 series illustration.
2026 BMW i6 illustration

There is a new rumor circulating around about a new BMW 6 series coupe coming.

The new BMW 6 could be offered as both a classic ICE model and an i6 EV version. The rumor goes as far as mentioning it would replace the 2 current coupes available in the BMW lineup, the 2 door 4 series as well as the much larger and expensive 8 series. This is similar to what Mercedes has just been doing with the new CLE. The CLE replaces the slightly smaller C-Class coupe as well as the larger E-Class coupe.

Since 2 door cars aren’t as popular as they used to be, everyone is either canceling them or finding a way to offer fewer models. At least, it seems BMW is still not canceling 2 door cars altogether, which is nice to see. It looks like the next Audi A5 will not be available as a coupe or convertible anymore.

The BMW 6 series came out in 1976. The first generation was produced for 13 years. A second generation came out in 2003 and was available as a 2 door coupe or convertible. It was produced until 2010. A redesigned 3rd generation followed until 2018, and added a 4-door model called “Gran Coupe”. A fourth generation was only available as a 4 door hatchback. No more coupe, convertible, or “Gran Coupe” 4-door sedan.

It seems the next generation will return to its 2 door roots. I guess it won’t be cheap since the current 4 series coupe starts at over $ 50,000!

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  1. So no more M4 I guess, LOL! What about the 2 series (the proper RWD coupe version)? BMW and Mercedes are starting to jumble things yet again. It’s funny that a 6 Series can mean different things depending on the model year.

    It’s good to see that the 6 posing as an 8 is returning to where it should be in the lineup.

  2. ENG: yucky 🤮. Why same old grille copied from models Audi cars . Nice car but nose 👃. Looks like old Audi a 6 C6 third generation limousine Older. Will sell down… slow. After current BMW series 4 coupe whit same ugly nose 👃

  3. BMW must think this styling is bold and innovative.

    In truth, it’s grotesque and ugly. The company needs a completely new direction in styling. This isn’t working at all.

  4. and the day came when we were inundated with AI concepts made by shaking parts of all the cars of the moment

  5. So this is what they’re stopping the 8 series for?? No thanks. My BMW purchases will stop with the M8 Comp I have.

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