Volvo SE90

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Just a few weeks ago, Volvo announced they had completed building the first unit of a brand-new EV sedan, probably called the Volvo ES90. And the internet has been trying to guess what it looks like ever since.

There will probably be no huge surprises, as I figure it will look like a sedan version of the EX90 SUV with S90 cues. Which is basically what the illustration above shows. Except this one seems to be a hatchback. Which would be a nice touch.

The sedan is rumored to be sold in Europe alongside the new EM90 Minivan starting later this year. But it seems Volvo is also planning to sell it in the US later on. which is kind of a surprise. Although BMW is selling the i5 here and Mercedes the EQE, so why not? A new Volvo sedan would have no problem looking much better than the BMW or the Mercedes.

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