2025 Porsche Taycan.

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The Porsche Taycan EV is getting a few changes for 2025.

The main visual changes seem to be upfront, here the whole face is now much cleaner. The top bumper line is much sharper, similar to the new Tesla Model 3. Otherwise, the rear end seems to have been untouched. The interior adds the mandatory passenger screen. Since it seems impossible for most people to live more than 6 to 8 minutes without watching mind-numbing cat videos on Tick Tock.

The big changes are from the new batteries and revised motors. In initial tests, the range is now up to 365 miles, which is a huge jump from the current 246 miles. Power is up too with the base model getting 482HP Vs.403 last year. The Turbo S also gets a major boost, from 750HP to 938HP. There are also more standards still like air suspension and heated steering wheels.

But all these improvements aren’t free. the base Taycan jumps from $ 92,000 to over $ 101,000. And the cool Taycan AWD Cross Turismo wagon is about $ 10,000 more than before at $ 113,000. These super good-looking cars are very expensive indeed…

As usual, Porsche did a great job and did not ruin their great design. The Taycan looks better than ever. The huge bump in price won’t really matter since most Porsche buyers probably won’t look at anything else.

A great car getting better. And more expensive…

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