2026 Lexus RC.

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These illustrations show what a next-generation Lexus RC Coupe could look like. If there is a next-generation RC that is…

The current RC is basically a 2 door version of the Lexus IS and came out 10 years ago! (I saw one just the other day and I think it still looks pretty nice.)

With just over 1700 sold last year, it’s amazing the Lexus RC is still around.

Back in late 2021, Toyota showed multiple future EVs. Many of these were from Lexus, and not all of them were actually full EVs. The back row of the photo above shows all the “non-EV” models they were working on, like the new Lexus RX, and European LBX Hybrid. It also shows the next Lexus ES sedan on the far right. (This will be a revised version of the recurrent car like the 2025 Camry.)

Not only did they show a next-generation IS sedan, but they were also 2 versions of a wagon design, as well as a convertible. All of these were believed to be future EV models. I remember seeing a few additional things about the IS sedan, but nothing about the wagon and convertible. soon after this huge presentation, Toyota also announced new platforms and all-new battery technology. Which could mean some of these concepts will never see the light of day. Or they are being reworked to fit the new platform and battery tech.

Late last year, Lexus showed us this new LF-ZC concept. It is now supposed to give us an idea of the future Lexus design direction for the next-generation EV platform. Which is a totally different look from what we saw in 2021. Toyota has also mentioned the first new EV model based on that platform will be a Lexus.

What happened to the IS EV? The sedan, the wagons, and the convertible? So far, we’ve seen a few of the models previewed in 2021 coming out. The new RX, LBX, and TX. The revised ES is coming soon, but no word on the next IS.

And nothing at all on a coupe “RC” version.

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  1. Incrediy doubtful there will ever be another generation of the ICE RC, if anything there will be one more heavy refresh (like the IS) before it’s put out to pasture.

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